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Adult coloring is about combining your favorite colors and having fun. It’s also your opportunity to create your own piece of art – one that you’ll be proud to show off!

I’m Anna and I’m the founder and the one woman illustrating show behind Anna Grunduls Design. Since 2015, I bring to you intricate and stylish coloring pages. I’m passionate about high quality design and often spend several weeks preparing one illustration. Why? I know you put a lot of time and dedication into your works in progress, so I want the outcome of it to be absolutely breathtaking!

I’m constantly adding new designs to my shop to give you a range of illustrations, that you can use to express yourself.

Beyond helping you create masterpieces, I strive to make your purchase an enjoyable experience. My top priority is great communication – me and my assistants are always happy to answer your questions. You can reach me anytime via social media, email or using the contact form below. I value your feedback and love to hear your thoughts about my creations.