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I’m Anna, the “coloring lady”

Meet The Maker

I’m the illustrator, content creator and the coloring lady here at Anna Grunduls Design. It all started with relaxing coloring pages. I introduced my first coloring products back in 2015 and the hobby quickly turned into a full-blown career.

My coloring pages and products all have a simple goal: to help you be more creative in your day-today life. Creativity and crafting has gotten me through some of the hardest times and some of the best times and they can do it for you as well. I strongly believe that boosting your creativity can lead to more happiness and you just can’t have too much happiness, right? 🙂

My core product line evolves around coloring – and I’m talking really meditative coloring with tons of details here. I’m also a crafting enthusiast, so prepare for a big dose of other inspiration and art projects!

When I’m not busy with art, you can usually find me taking care of my houseplants, playing with a toddler or sipping delicious tea.

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Get the most out of your coloring! Catch up on my tips, tricks and tutorials.

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Logo White Background Anna Grunduls Design Adult Coloring Pages Illustrator
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