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Hi there, I'm Anna!

Hi there, I'm Anna!

Meet The Maker

It’s nice to meet you! I am the adult coloring illustrator here at Anna Grunduls Design. I’m here to help you make coloring fun and make sure your final piece looks fantastic!

Illustrating has a very special place in my heart. I am incredibly grateful that my art can bring joy to people around the globe! My goal is to design products that are more than just a coloring page. I strongly believe that art should be displayed and cherished, so I focus on creating stationery and printed products that you can color in and use every day. From postcards and posters to adhesive tapes – everything in the shop can be colored in!

Happy Coloring!



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I'm Anna Grunduls, a city girl, handmade business owner and illustrator. I believe that art should be celebrated, so I make sure your finished coloring pages find their way into your every day and bring you tons of joy along the way!



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