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Another month, another recap!

I will be honest, this month felt like a year. So much has been going on! Business-wise, I’m in the middle of the holiday season, which by itself, usually has me super overwhelmed. And that doesn’t mix well with a small baby, no it doesn’t.

This is a shout out to my husband for being so loving and understanding and helpful. You’re the best!

I think work has really been the hardest part of this last month. In order to keep up with my workload, I need to get 6 hours of pure work for at least 6 days a week. So far, my average is more like 3 hours, which caused some delays and I feel like I’m behind on everything. Not an awesome feeling by the way.

This obviously wasn’t working for me, so we’re in the middle of finding a new daily routine around the baby. I’m so lucky to have a skilled manager as a husband. Last night, when Jacek fell asleep, we sat down and created a Google Calendar to block out time for my work and sleep. We’re on day 1 and so far is going well. Now let’s hope that this system works in the long run.

I have to say, it’s super hard being a stay-at-home parent. In our house, it’s my husband who’s on maternity leave and even though I’m also working from home and I’m flexible, we’re still busier than we’ve ever been. I’m truly amazed by all the moms who manage to stay at home with the baby without any help and work on top of that. Ladies, how do you do it?

Being a working parent

Also, a few weeks back I came across this Instagram post by Joy Cho of Oh Joy! and it sparked a lot of conversations with our friends and family.

Even though most of our friends and family encouraged me on my fast return to work, some of them expressed concern about this possibly affecting Jacek.

I have to say, I get where it’s coming from. We’re constantly bombarded with articles about the work-life balance and we automatically assume that these two don’t combine. And after all, the baby boy needs his mama! Thankfully for us, I consider my work a part of me and I’m not trying to separate it from my life – nor do I try to extract my personal life from work.

I’m glad that I get to work from home and that our baby will grow up watching my entrepreneurship journey. When I was little, my parents combined parenting with studies and work and I can still remember the feeling of being included and important when they invited me to spend time with them while they were fulfilling their other obligations. I often visited my mom’s office and helped her copy documents (or so I thought, but I probably copied some not-so-important print outs). I would sit and draw next to my parents when they learned something for the university. I would celebrate with them when my dad bought his very first car with his savings. (It was a red Daewoo Lanos and I thought it looked like a rocket)

I learned a lot about motivation, hard work and supporting each other as a family and I hope I can pass on this valuable lesson to our sweet baby.

Of course, sometimes I need alone time to really focus on work, but there are also a lot of areas in my work that I’m excited to share with my family. One of the things I’m really looking forward to is having Jacek decorate my outgoing parcels with colorful stickers as I prepare orders for shipment. 🙂

They see me rollin’, they hatin’

Now on to the #1 baby topic of this month! Ok, so Jacek has been rolling from his tummy to his back for over a month now. We were super excited, but then I learned that it might mean increased muscle tension and then we were not so excited.

We ended up visiting various doctors and got him checked by many different specialists – a pediatrician, neurologist, physiotherapist…

Finally, it turned out that everything’s ok. Our doctor is still checking in on him once in a while, but his rolling is a real skill and he’s doing it 100% intentionally. Yay! I guess he just really doesn’t like tummy time?

Jacek’s firsts this cold

Soon after hitting the 3 months mark, Jacek had his first cold. It was brutal. We got no sleep, he got no sleep. Overall super hard, because how can you watch a baby suffer from anything without your heart just breaking? Impossible. But we got through it together and Jacek is back to his sweet, healthy self.

He had trouble breathing at night and I had to change his sleeping position every 20-30 minutes. We ended up sleeping in shifts – I would stay up and work until 5 or 6 am and after that my husband would take over baby care when I got some rest. It worked really well and I’ve never been so thankful to have Chris at home with us!

On top of that, Jacek also had his first fever later this month, but we noticed it quickly and handled it exceptionally well. Yay us!

All the new things

It’s amazing how many new things can a baby learn within one month. Jacek is slowly trying to sit up when we hold his hands, he learned to play with his own hands, observes our hands as well, he’s trying to catch his own feet (although they’re still too fast to grasp)… He also surprised us with his first tooth starting to grow, but it only grew 0,5 mm big and stopped. Now we’re waiting for the whole thing to come out and it doesn’t seem to hurry.

Products we love

Oli & Carol Watermelon Teether – Our baby is biting on everything, so a teether is necessary, but he has trouble holding these super heavy ones filled with water and keeps losing them. We got this teether from my mom’s bother and Jacek LOVES IT. Also, he looks hilarious when he bites on it.

Nasal Aspirator for Babies – we use one that we can attach to the vacuum and even though it sounds super scary, it’s actually incredibly gentle! I can’t say that Jacek enjoyed using it, but it certainly helped him breathe, when he had a stuffed nose and couldn’t sleep well.

Inhaler with Nebulizer – I decided not to link this one, because it’s probably best if you ask your pediatrician for a recommendation. Apparently baby treatment during infections is now done with an inhalator, so we had to get one. It also has a mask for an adult, which is pretty great. Jacek was confused by the whole mask idea, but he didn’t mind. I highly recommend having this at home!

HourStack – I would be lost without this tool. It lets you plan your work by creating time blocks, so you have a clear overview of how long you need for each task on a given day. I recommend tackling the quick, small tasks first to get them out of the way and working your way up to the most time-consuming tasks.

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Thank you for all the support on social media and messages. I truly appreciate every kind word and I feel so blessed to watch this miracle unfold every day. I’m only wondering where’s my sweet little newborn? It feels like I blinked and he turned into a small child.

Happy Coloring,

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