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Anna Grunduls Design Adult Coloring Illustrator
Anna Grunduls Adult Coloring Illustrator

Hello there,
nice to meet you!

My name is Anna and I’m the illustrator and owner of Anna Grunduls Design. To put it simply, I illustrate coloring pages and then create useful things to color in.

My goal is to help you boost your creativity on a daily basis! Illustrating is fantastic, but sharing the fun with others is what’s really close to my heart. Did you know I sometimes spend several weeks working on one illustration? There’s a lot of heart that goes into coloring, so I want your results to be the best of the best.

If you’re tired of endless art classes and disappointing drawing lessons, don’t worry. Adult coloring pages provide the necessary basis and all you need to create works of art is a set of pencils.

I work from my lovely studio in Warsaw, Poland. Most of Anna Grunduls Design products are also produced, packaged and shipped from here. When I’m not at my desk, you might find me sitting on the wooden floor, surrounded by poster tubes or outgoing packages.

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Anna Grunduls Design Adult Coloring Illustrator
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