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Get the most out of your coloring! Catch up on my tips, tricks and tutorials.

Free illustrated goodies to print, color and craft.

Tutorials, inspirations and step-by-step instructions for crafting projects.

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tutorial adult coloring with himi gouache paint flowers

Adult Coloring with Gouache Paint That Looks Like Real Paintings

Breath the magic of gouache painting into adult coloring. Follow this tutorial to make an adult coloring project that looks just like a professionally painted illustration!

adding sparkle to adult coloring with gold paint background

Add Sparkle to Your Adult Coloring with Gold Watercolor Paint: Shiny Gold Background

Adult coloring is even better, when there's sparkle! This gold watercolor paint adds a beautiful, royal touch to any coloring page.

Arteza Expert Colored Pencil Close Up Logo Stamp Detail

Using Arteza Expert Colored Pencils for Adult Coloring

After a few weeks of testing, I'm sharing a full review of the Arteza Expert Colored Pencils. Read on to find out why I took so long to review them (the reason will surprise you!), what was my favorite discovery and if quality and price always go hand in hand.

Color Palette Samples with Arteza Expert Professional Colored Pencils

Color Palette Collection: Arteza Expert Colored Pencils

I'm testing a new set of pencils! Here are four color palettes that you can use as inspiration for your adult coloring projects.

Color Palette Sample Cards – Free Printable

Some people collect watches, stamps, postcards... I used to collect colors! And now I'm encouraging you to create your own collection of color palettes with a free printable.

Interview with Painter Magdalena Salome about Colors and Creative Process

Ask A Painter – Magdalena Salome Talks About Colors And Art

Ever wanted to ask a painter about their creative process or their secret tips and tricks? Magda is sharing her insights as a professional painter and artist.

Mandala bunting flag for DIY project free printable

Adult Coloring Bunting in 5 Easy Steps

Who said adult coloring pages aren't party material? Follow these easy steps and create your own party garland to color in!

Galaxy Background USA Map Postcard For Adult Coloring

Galaxy Background Tutorial with Alcohol Based Markers

This tutorial is just out of this world! Follow my easy step by step formula and create the most amazing galaxy themed texture.

Pressed flowers mandala wall art DIY tutorial gold floating glass frame

DIY Pressed Flower Art in a Floating Frame

Create your own pressed flower wall art with this simple tutorial. It's the perfect floral decoration that you simply can't kill.

Anna Grunduls Adult Coloring Page Illustrator Artist

Hi there! I’m Anna, nice to meet you.

Meet The Maker

I am the adult coloring illustrator here at Anna Grunduls Design. I’m here to help you make coloring fun and make sure your final piece looks fantastic!

Illustrating has a very special place in my heart. I am incredibly grateful that my art can bring joy to people around the globe! My goal is to design products that are more than just a coloring page. I strongly believe that art should be displayed and cherished, so I focus on creating stationery and printed products that you can color in and use every day. From postcards and posters to adhesive tapes – everything in the shop can be colored in!

Happy Coloring!


The Shop

Stationery products for you to color in and enjoy!

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