Dog Floral Silhouette Stickers – Choose Your Breed




This product brings together what’s best in the stationery world – the coloring page and stickers! Whether you’re looking for a small gift, party favor or a floral planner decoration, these coloring stickers are the way to go! They’re not only affordable, but also fun and useful. Use them to add a colorful touch to your notebooks or decorate a greetings card, the possibilities are endless!

The set contains 2 sheets of stickers. Both of them are printed onto white adhesive paper, that can be colored with any drawing supplies of your choice.

Set Includes: 2 Sheets (1 Sticker per Sheet)
Sheet Size: 8 x 12,5 cm ( 3,2 x 5 inch )
Packaging: Clear Foil Sleeve
Material: Adhesive Paper, 90g
Dog Silhouette Pose: Show Stack Conformation

Collaboration with Amber Marie

These stickers are a result of my artist collaboration with Amber Marie. Amber is a UK-based illustrator and she makes incredible realistic portraits of pets and especially dogs. She offers a range of products with her portraits, such as cards, mugs, textiles and other merch.

Check out Amber’s online shop here.

No breed left behind

Amber’s mission is very heartwarming: No matter how rare your dog’s breed is, you’ll always find something with it in her shop. And if not – she’s make it happen just for you! With that being said – if you don’t see your dog’s breed in the drop down menu, reach out! I will work with Amber to add your requested breed as soon as possible. No breed left behind, ever.


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