Floral Coloring Poster, I Am a Mom What’s Your Superpower


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I am a Mom – What’s Your Superpower?

The power of parenting is indeed one that we should never underestimate. For any mothers out there looking to find a comical symbolization of all the hard work that they put into running a household and raising a family, this is it!

The perfect solution for mothers who want to get a little memento in the house of all the hard work they do, this fantastic coloring poster makes the perfect starting point for creating something well worth remembering. This can be designed using easy and attractive floral patterns, and can be turned very quickly into a world class piece of home-made artistry that allows you to design your property in any way that you wish.

Using 50 x 70cm of space, this can be a fine centerpiece to help build a memorable image that the rest of your collage could go around. It’s made from a lightweight paper material, too, meaning that it’s very easy for you to make changes to the floral pattern, coloring it in any way that you wish.

Then, you can easily get it hung up on the wall, or framed without it being any kind of weight for the wall to withstand. This makes such a wonderful gift for both hard-working mothers and soon-to-be mothers who would like a bit of recognition for all of the hard work and the effort that they need to make on a daily basis thanks to this DIY wall décor!

  • size: 50 x 70 cm ( 19 x 27 inch )
  • size packaged: 55 x 5 x 5 cm ( 22 x 2 x 2 inch )
  • lightweight paper, 90g
  • packaged in sturdy poster tube


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