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how are you? We’re still waiting for our little family member to join the tribe and I might be in the nesting mode, because all I want to do is decorate the apartment. Today I’m sharing a tutorial for a pressed flower art in a floating frame. I bought this frame a few weeks ago while we were grocery shopping and I promised my husband that this spontaneous purchase will turn into an amazing project. So here we go! Are you ready?


You will need:

The last one depends on your preferred method of drying flowers. I opted in for the quickest option with the microwave.

Pressed flowers DIY wall art tutorial supplies floating frame flowers greenery scissors hot glue gun
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Step 1: Collect your flowers

First of all, collect your flowers and greenery for the project. Here are a few tips to keep in mind depending on where you get your greenery.

Collect wildflowers from around your house (or your garden)
If the season is right, there’s probably a lot of wildflowers and blooming trees in your area. They are a wonderful (and free!) crafting supply. I recommend taking a small pair of scissors with you to cut the flowers and speed up the process. A small bowl will also come handy to keep your hands free as you collect more flowers.

One thing to note: Make sure to scan every single flower for bugs before you come back home. I don’t know how about you, but I don’t like bugs hanging out at my apartment and bugs definitely like to hang out on flowers. Double-check the bottom of leaves as well.

Visit the local florist
You might want to pay a small visit to your local florist and get the flowers there. Make sure to ask if the florist has any seconds or not-so-perfect flowers in stock. If you plan on using single petals, it won’t really matter that the flower stem is slightly bent or the flowers is starting to wilt, so you can save the flowers from being thrown out. You might even get a good deal or get the seconds for free 🙂

Use what you already have
Maybe you have pressed flowers hidden in one of your books? Or maybe you were recently gifted flowers for an occasion and don’t want to throw them all out? This is a perfect opportunity to use what you already have at home!

Step 2: Dry the flowers

Cut the stems off your flowers. If you intend to just use the petals – separate those from each other.

If you’re a patient person, you can dry your flowers in between book pages or inside a flower press. I’m definitely not patient, so I’m using a microwave to dry my flowers fast.

To dry your flowers in a microwave, place them between two parchment paper sheets. Put them into the microwave and weigh down with a flat plate or a few glasses. Microwave for 30 seconds and check if the flowers are dry enough. If not, repeat for another 30 seconds. Do it until the flowers are completely dry. Make sure to do this in 30-second intervals (or shorter) to avoid burning your flowers.

pressed dry flowers drying flowers microwave method parchment paper floral wall art
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Step 3: Arrange the flowers

Ok, this is going to take a while, so make sure to grab a cup of coffee or your favorite tea.

Open your frame and place the flowers how you’ll want them to be arranged. I’m a huge fan of symmetrical designs, so I made a kaleidoscope-like arrangement.

Use the hot glue to secure your flowers on the back of the frame. The big advantage of hot glue is that you can easily remove it from the glass once it’s cooled. Don’t worry if you used too much or if the flower is not where you wanted it to be – you can always wait until the glue cools and take it off.

pressed flowers floating frame gold tutorial arrangement mandala design layout planning diy crafting
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Step 3: Clean up the glass

When the wall art is ready, you’ll want to clean your fingerprints off the glass. Start with the inside and once you’ve closed the frame, move on to the outside. If your glue gun left tiny webs on the glass, you can pick them up with the tweezers.

pressed flower arrangement DIY crafting tutorial floating frame wall art idea
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Step 4: Display

It’s time to display your artwork for everyone to see! I hung up the glass frame on our bedroom wall, but don’t feel limited to walls. There are many floating frames that can stand on their own. If your frame was particularly big, you can also lean it against the wall on the floor level.

finished DIY crafting project pressed flowers wall art mandala design in gold floating frame transparent glass frame
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Let me know below if you have any questions and don’t forget to tag #annagrundulsdesign or @annagrunduls in your finished projects! I can’t wait to see what you create.

Happy Crafting!

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