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Color Palette Sample Cards – Free Printable

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Hey friends, how’s your coloring going?

I’m here today to share an awesome adult coloring hack and a free printable! Who’s excited? I know I am!

This hack was inspired by an exercise we did at the art university. First, we were supposed to mix paints using only the basic colors (cyan, magenta, yellow, black, white). Then we used the blended colors to paint squares on paper (each in the size of exactly 5x5cm). The more shades we created, the better. Our professor called it the collection of colors.

There was an urban legend at our university that the most diligent student of this professor collected over 5000 squares with shades of blue only!

The collection ended up being very useful. We used it to create color palettes for art projects and paintings. Also, it’s pretty cool to tell your friends you’re collecting colors 😀

Collection of Square Color Cards Displayed on a Table at Art University
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The color palette collection

Collecting colors is fun, but how about color palettes?

Being a colorist you probably know this from experience – sometimes a few pencils look great next to each other, but the combination doesn’t work too well on paper. And sometimes you might think the pencils do not combine very well, but you use them together and ta-daaaah – Match made in heaven!

It happened to me very recently and I came up with the idea to start a new collection. A collection of color palettes! Why not try out the color combinations before you commit to a larger artwork? ????

Let me introduce the free printable: Color Palette Sample Cards!

Sample Cards for Color Palettes and Color Combinations for Adult Coloring Pages
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They have two sides – First with a simple mandala design. Second with a table to write down color names. You can use this space to write down color numbers and brands as well, so you’ll always know exactly which pencil you used.

This way you can create your own color combinations and keep them handy for your next project. Awesome, right?

Get it Here

Here’s your chance to grab the free printable by signing up for my email newsletter! I only send really awesome stuff, I promise.

Not a fan of printing at home?

Hey, I get that! Some printers are just mean.

If you’d rather have someone print the cards for you – it’s your lucky day! Here’s a book of sample cards, ready to cut & color 🙂

(It’s available with Prime shipping too!)

I hope these cards come in handy for you. I can’t wait to show you how I use them myself!

Happy Coloring,

PS. Remember to tag @annagrunduls and #annagrundulsdesign on social media when you share your color palette collections! I can’t wait to see them ❤️

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Written by Anna Grunduls

Meet the Blogger

I'm the Owner and Illustrator of Anna Grunduls Design. I design very intricate coloring pages and use them to create fun and practical stationery to color in. Follow me on social media for blog updates!

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  1. Hi anna Grunduls,
    We want to see what other pictures you have practiced in your university life.
    Although it was fun to collecting colors, but it was great innovation. Your combination of colors was awesome. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving us such an amazing idea.

  2. This is beautiful. I have a family member into deep coloring I should print this out for her.

  3. so nice ideas and good to spend time in such way, I would like to get some free printable, thank you!

  4. I have friends who love adult coloring books. I have two of them but I have not found time to indulge in this hobby. I will still download and print your color palette samples for reference when I start coloring again.

    1. I hope they’ll come in handy! That’s what I love about coloring – you can pick it up whenever you want and make a break whenever you need 🙂

  5. What an adorable color palette sample idea. Glad you shared it, I bet it will help many people out there looking for a new palette to work with during their art time.

    1. Absolutely! I recently bought blue dinner plates because blue is known to reduce appetite and my husband is trying to lose weight. Knowing how we react to different colors and palettes, we can really make colors work for us!

  6. Such a great idea for coloring enthusiasts! Thanks for making the color palette samples printable and free!

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